“The Nustas on The Island of The Sun”

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Chapter One

Huayna Capac (young lord rich in virtues)1493’, at one time Ruled an Empire on a Grande Scale. From The Pacific Coastline it reached eastward across The Andes into The Amazonian lowlands. At the time of King Huayna Capac’s succession he’d inherited an Empire, the largest of its kind that The America’s had ever been a Witness To. Tahuantinsuyu; The Name of this vast Empire, (the parts that in their fourness make up the whole). For it encompassed four major geographical quarters; The Chinchaysuyu in the northwest, The Antisuyu in the northeast, The Cuntisuyu in the southwest And the Collasuyu in the southeast.

The Northern Kingdom of Quito had just been acquired by Huayna Capac, where he had Prospected to found A Second Capitol City when in 1524’ his army and court was Demolished by a Mysterious Disease that swept thru killing thousands. The Citua Ceremony was materialized to Drive out from ‘The Four Quarters’ the mysterious disease And bad spirits. In the town center, one hundred warriors lined up facing each of The Four Quarters. The Priest of ‘The Temple of The Sun’ initiated the beginning of the festival. The Warriors and Townspeople Chanted: “End to all disease and Away with all bad Spirits!” Then in all of their Pride and Glory, the warriors charged in the direction of the quarter their facing; Until making contact with others whom would complete The Citua Ceremony outside of the city. And Disease along with the bad spirits were drowned into a river. And King Huayna Capac was not Immune… killing he and. his presumptive heir, Ninan Coyoche.

Of This Rich and Affluent Culture, it was not out of the ordinary for The Sapa Inca to nominate his Successor. The One Chosen would not be based upon Senority of Age but rather Who was Deemed most fit to Rule. In The State of Cuzco, The Inca Nobles Proclaimed a New Sapa Inca (sole lord), Huascar. Whose Name means ‘Curious Hummingbird’. It is not an exaggeration on the part of his demeanor nor presence.

However the whole of The Court was not in Cuzco but rather in the northern state of Quito. Huayna Capac Conquered This Empire. Quito was the final state to become part of The Empire. The Quitenos are An Intelligent Cultured People. Huayna Capac kept The Monarchy Intact And It’s Army an Excellent One. He Fumbled not in his decision to spend the latter years of his life here. Quito has become A Second Capitol. Placing Brother against Brother, fracturing Leaders of a Once and United Empire.

The Army stationed here clamored for another son of Huayna Capac; Atahuallpa, whose Name means ‘Hungry Turkey Cock’, a bird who garners much Respect in The Andes. He had more than Proved himself, having spent most, of his life at his father’s side in The Field of Battle. King Huayna Capac confronted by his own immortality had done something no Sapa Inca had ever done before him… Distribution of His Empire (the biggest portion, southern parts of Tahuantinsuyu). Including The Sapa Inca’s Throne went to his Huascar; Inti Cusi Huallpa (curious hummingbird) Son to his Chief sister-wife. Leaving the northern territories of The Empire of Quito to Atahuallpa (hungry turkey cock), Son of Tocto Coca.

Atahuallpa favored by his father for a love that did not die for his mother. Huayna Capac catered to his boys’ every whim; He’d fed him with his own Sacred Hands, took him on all of his campaigns And Testimonials as The People’s King. Father did although learn an important lesson from Son; Which was it would not be by his choice for what girl would toll the bells for Atahuallpa. And Atahuallpa’s first intimate Conquest of a layman girl would not be his final nor was it to be one on this fated night but many extending the hours to the next days’.

The Boy proved his natural ability for being a Soldier and with speed behind him he Occupied The Seat of a Great General. Had Huayna Capac thought it feasible to pass down the empire in its’ entirety to Atahuallpa, he would have. But, he knew that by leaving him The State of Quito with It’s People Prone to War and the veteran army stationed there, that All lye at the feet of Atahuallpa. And if he so chose to pick up these tools The Entire Empire could be His. The Question which had not an answer was: Whom shall fill The Rightful Position as The People’s King? And This Heir; Ninan Coyoche, lay Dead, swept away by a dreadful disease. Claiming his Destiny and Adulthood. The Tension was Ripe as Fruit and Sibling Rivalry cut Right Thru.

Huayna Capac’s veins flowed with Pure Royal Blood as did his father before him and his father Pachacuti Inca. His sons followed in this bloodline except for Atahuallpa whose mother was a commoner. However rumors did float about on just how common Atahuallpa’s mother is… Rumors which will follow him throughout his life. Atahuallpa’s Spite for his brother Huascar’s inheritance of the larger portion of land of Tahuantinsuyu grew. And the mere fact that Huascar was making every effort to appease him, short of letting Atahuallpa Stake Claim to The Throne made matters worse. Atahuallpa’s reputation of no desire to show his Respect for The New Sapa Inca’s Coronation Proceeded him. And not attending their father’s funeral Atahuallpa could not of had a more close relationship with his father but his Understanding teetered on an idea of Disloyalty. His Spite became garnered with some fear that one of his brother’s loyal supporters would attempt to Assassinate him any chance they got, if he went to Cuzco to Pay his Respects.

Atahuallpa was becoming known as ‘An Overstuffed Turkey’ to The City of Cuzco and to his own people of Quito. Noblemen would Cower in his Presence And Atahuallpa had no qualms of their Trembling at his feet, if they spoke that which he was unwilling to hear. It is Said that he ordered The Killings of all of the men in a town near Quito and then at Will; Taking the women whom he fancied into his bed to grieve with them. Five tumultuous years of the same endured with Atahuallpa sending Ambassadors bearing gifts and fruits in Place of himself. Huascar, with Great Contempt set fire to those gifts And to The Ambassadors he had them stripped… Dressed as women and sent back to their master with women’s clothes for him to wear.

And with a meeting of the minds unable to be met nor a Treaty of Resolution in order to mend This Empire; Civil War was certain to ensue between The Northern and Southern Parts. The Northern Kingdom of Quito had just been acquired by Huayna Capac, where he had Prospected to found A Second Capitol City when in 1524’ his army and court was Demolished by a Mysterious Disease that swept thru killing thousands.

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