An intervention is quite needed about now! The egg shells have been colored two seasons too soon, and the Placenta spews out Molten baby Chicks. The Lamanites are not really lame. And I’m just angry enough to boil the yolks past their required ten minutes. In a panic-driven state, undo the kitchen table; It shall no longer suffice. Chasing down money, down the mean streets, with never the choice for which to surrender! Monsters shutting the closet door to my very existence. Shoes piled up high, on top of antennas of too slight extravagance. I’d steal if I could the term: Immaculate Conception, if only to ease my worries for a day…A child of a vacant womb. Replenish the Earth, with Mustard Seeds, Collard Greens, and Paper Clocks. And that every friend would have a friend.

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