The Stitching

The pain tears open the stitching; Once again my tears fall down lethal as acid rain! The monotony of life, intent on the material… the sexual flings. For I am mateless; No God can calm me. No individual, but that of my King. I long to lye rested for Eternity by his side. I live in the knowing that just maybe this is a possibility-A laying down Eternally by his side.

Pen to paper, I tear up this paper! I long for the times past, when life was much simpler. When love was pure. A need for the other that is irreplaceable. An unconditional nurturing, where a face can go faceless. And, a body can go bodiless.

Sex provides an escape. The one whom I am sleeping with is not thy enemy. I want a non-frivolous union. I want a love that loves back, with no Postage Stamp of return. I want a love that I cannot live without. A love for whom the bells will toll!

But, he does not exist for me. The Angels whisper sweet nothings for the blessed ones, whose hearts are not pining for a love. Pining for a life in Pictures, where wrongs are made right. Happenings prelude reason, And when the dust settles; My Cowboy rides off into the sunset without me. God, henceforth does not exist, so therefore I do not.

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