Waiting For A Change

Waiting for a change. A change in behavior. A change for what is; for what would soon be. If I had known years before that this de javu of a time, and of a place for which I now stand; That this is where my feet would cement themselves, I would have hailed Taxis of an Alien kind to get me long past out of here. A life where my accomplishments are ignored, and my sensitivity is desensitized.

A conditional love that only God himself could cope with. Now, my hatred is on the rise. A hatred that could climb the steps of the Empire State Building. Where time has not an end, nor a beginning to it. I know that it is only in the arms of a God who I am sure holds no existence here, that I wait for an answer that will not come too soon. In this Mindfield, a death trap awaits. Where Injustices persist on in the families of the children who go missing, and the killers who go unfound. Only to hijack their next victim. In this place where innocence layes dormant in the eyes of a child. And, mediocracy is awoken in the eyes of an adult.

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