Living With Chronic Pain During Covid-19.

Living with chronic pain on a daily basis is difficult enough, but during the Covid-19 Pandemic it is more so. For some of us, this disability is invisible to the rest of the World, but to us it is our own living Hell! We are not complacent in our efforts to find some pain relief, but in some cases the pay off doesn’t fit the bill. We are being short changed right now during this health crisis, as it seems that Pain Management for preexisting illnesses is not being deemed a dire necessity for which to keep those medical providers open. And, so we have to be creative in finding ways to treat our pain, with new techniques that we may discover online, or supplements etc. to try.

Trying to cope with chronic pain, and enjoy ones existence becomes a juggling act. The anticipation of ones next unbearable episode of pain, weighs heavily on the mind. The Term; “Unless you’ve walked a mile in my shoes”, does apply here. Because, we can be judged by those around us for their own inability to see our pain. And, when the balls come crashing down onto the floor, we alone…are stuck to pick them up.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, most Pain Management/Alternative Treatment Providers are closed, because they are not deemed necessary. So, us chronic pain sufferers must find ways to survive our nightmare too. The internet is a great tool for this, with ideas and practices for pain relief. One can watch videos on the subject, plus read about it, and the supplements etc. which can be taken as well. But, in these scary times not having access to Pain Management/Alternative Treatment Providers is not ok. They are a vital component to our health care system, and need to be deemed necessary…And remain Open! All that we can do now, is to take each day as it comes, believe in ourselves, fight for a better existence, hope that change is just around the bend And never give in to the pain! We are Invincible!

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